Medical Device Registration Number: MDR-20190526-6144
Evin Lumbosacral Support features stays and side straps and is designed to help reduce unwanted or excessive movements at the lower back, making it ideal for people suffering from chronic back ache. The durable, flexible, therapeutic belt helps warm stiff, aching, tired muscles and arthritic joints. The variable compression fastenings ensure a snug, comfortable fit and the 4 stays are designed to provide a soothing lumbosacral support even as you move, aiding with muscular spasm.
  • 4 pliable splints for extra support 
  • Anatomically contoured
  • Made in Taiwan

Size Chart - Diameter of Waist

 Size inch (cm)
1 21-28 (53 -71)
2 29-41 (72-104)
3 42-48 (105-121)



  • 62% Nylon
  • 15% Rubber
  • 9% Polypropylene plastic
  • 8% EVA plastic
  • 6% Polyester


Material is softer and more comfortable compared to Evin Back Brace. The stays are curved to fit body shape.