Evin L Type Inter-dental Brush can reach inter-dental spaces where most toothbrush bristles cannot reach. It is extremely durable that they are made of ultra fine DuPont Tynex filaments from USA and high quality stainless steel wire from Korea. The ultra fine bristles not only remove food debris and plaque between teeth, but also can massage the gums. The flexible L shaped head allow bending and makes it easier to clean the hard-to-reach spaces within oral cavity. It is also suitable for dental braces and implant bridges. 


  1. Remove cap and insert brush between teeth. Gently move the brush back and forth to remove plaque and food debris. 
  2. Rinse it with clean water after use. Air dry, then cover with brush cap. 


Materials :

  • DuPont Tynex filaments
  • Stainless steel wires
  • PP handle and cap