Foot care is important for people with diabetes. This is because diabetes can cause damage to blood vessels leading to poor circulation particularly in the feet and legs. It can also cause neuropathy-  nerve damage which can lead to numbness and loss of feeling. Therefore, people with diabetes are strongly encouraged to protect their feet and constantly check for signs of diabetic foot.

Protecting Your Feet

Poor circulation: Always wear socks with no compression, and make sure your shoes fit nicely (not too tight or loose). Normal socks are tight around the ankle, further restricting blood flow to your feet. The symptoms you may experience with poor blood circulation are:

  • very cold feet
  • cramp like pains in the feet or legs
  • tingling or burning sensations

Evin Diabetic Socks are non-binding and have no compression, suitable for people experiencing the above symptoms. The thick soft cushions can also keep your feet warm, improving blood circulation in your feet.

Neuropathy: With a reduced ability to feel pain, pressure and sensation, you may injure your feet and not notice or feel it. Therefore, it is important that you wear thick socks to protect your feet from possible injuries such as blisters or cuts. Evin Diabetic Socks are designed with thick cushions around the feet. These soft cushions made of bamboo yarns not only protect your feet, but are also great for those with sensitive foot skin- a symptom that may be experienced in people with diabetes.

Ulceration: an ulcer is a wound or break in the skin. They can occur as a result of pressure, friction or injury and often result from poorly fitting shoes. You are more at risk of developing an ulcer if you have poor circulation or neuropathy. Evin diabetic socks are designed with no friction and pressure points, so you will not get ulcers from the socks, unlike the normal socks in the market.

Infection: Wounds are slow to heal and can easily become infected for people with diabetes. It is important to wear the suitable footwear and socks recommended by your podiatrist or physicians to prevent cuts and grazes. Try Evin Diabetic Socks with thick cushions for better foot protection.