Every baby is uniquely special. At Evin Baby & Mothercare, we aspire to mimic baby's unique natural suction as closely as possible. This is why we have 3 suction modes in our electric breastpump.

Stimulation Mode

stimulation mode breast pump suction baby

In stimulation mode, 5 soft suctions are followed by one strong suction.
This mode is recommended for moms with newborns as it stimulates with less pain. It aids the production of the first drop of milk.

Massage mode

In massage mode, suction is uniformly soft at a high pace. It is recommended to moms with babies above 6 months old. Moms at this stage are more comfortable with pumps; massaging mode can more easily trigger milk production.

Expression Mode

In expression mode, suction is uniformly strong at a slow pace. This is recommended to all moms once milk flows. Once stimulation or massage mode triggers milk production, please switch to the expression mode. In this mode, the stronger suctions allow moms to express milk conveniently and efficiently.

With these 3 modes, we hope moms can find their delicate balance of comfort and breastfeeding quickly. Some moms prefer to express right away as milk already overflows and leaks out. Moms can then proceed to expression Mode immediately.

Some moms with newborns may prefer strong massage to soft stimulation. Thus we provide the option of not only changing modes but the strength of each mode.

We encourage you to find your own delicate balance and feel free to explore more in store!