Thrombo-Embolism Deterrebt (TED) Stockings
Medical Device Registration Number: N4499-20170322-66324
  • According to CEN/TR and British standards
  • More comfortable - easy to use
  • 18 mmHg
  • Soft touch - microfiber technology 
  • Better fitting - less sizes 
  • Latex free

Full-stop After :

Do not wear socks on wounded area


Direction :

  • Replace or wash at least once every three days. 
  • To put socks on, gather it down to the heel, place foot in and pull firmly and evenly.
  • Make sure the opening is correctly positioned under toes.

Dual Prevention :

The regular graduated, elastic compression from ankle to knee and materials used, allow EVIN socks to perform an indispensable role in the prevention of  thrombolytic diseases. 


Indications :

  • All situations that increases the risk of thrombosis. 
  • Surgery - especially abdominal-pelvic and orthopedic surgery.
  • Fractures or injuries of the lower limb
  • Impaired mobility

Contra-indications : 

  • Dermatitis
  • Arterial diseases

Sizing chart :

Width : Measure around the largest part of the calf

Length : Measure the length from heel to knee

Size  XS (pink) S (green) M (blue)  L (red)  XL (yellow)
G 41~49 cm 47~55 cm 54~62 cm 61~66 cm 65~70 cm
C 24~30 cm 29~34 cm 33~37 cm 36~41 cm 40~45 cm
B 17~19 cm 19~21 cm 21~23 cm 23~25 cm 25~27 cm
Notes : G - Thigh area,  C - Calf area,  B - Ankle area

Composition :

85% Polyamide

15% Elastane (Lycra)